POLICIES and FAQs for SMF Airport Transportation

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Service Hours and Availability

  • Service is available seven days a week, at any hour, with reasonable advanced notice provided.
  • Voicemails, text messages and emails will be responded to as soon as possible.

Reservations for Airport Transport to SMF or General Town Car Service

  • Reservations made in advance are required before your trip.
  • Please schedule your reservation at least two to three hours in advance.
    Note: Some reservations may require further advance notice due to a varying work schedule.
  • Include your name, reservation date, reservation time, pick up/ drop off address, cell phone number, airline, and flight number.
  • You will be notified by call, text or email 12-24 hours in advance of your scheduled reservation to reconfirm.

Payment Options and Requirements

  • Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.
  • For first time customers, payments are required before starting your trip.
  • Reservations for trips originating outside of the Sacramento metro area may require a credit card payment at the time of making a reservation.
  • For credit card transactions, instant email receipts are provided with a confirmation number.


  • Folding walkers and some light-framed wheelchairs can be accommodated, though trunk space is limited.
  • Please bring a car seat for your child, if they need one. For your convenience, you may leave the seat with the driver until a later date.
  • Transportation of school pupils at or below the 12th grade level, to or from a school or a school-related activity, is prohibited.
  • Pets are welcome to travel with you in a carrier.


  • You may bring as many items with you as you like, though space is limited.
  • The vehicle trunk has a large volume of 18 cubic feet.
  • An example of the maximum luggage configuration is two large bags, two mid-sized bags, and two to three carry-ons.

Trip Origin (pick up)

  • As a standard, every effort is made to arrive at least 10 minutes in advance of your scheduled reservation time.
  • If you need to be picked up at an airport, please provide a working cell phone number at the time of your reservation.
  • It’s your responsibility to make sure that your phone is turned on as soon as possible after you’ve landed in order to establish phone communication with the chauffeur.
  • If picking you up at an airport, the chauffeur will explain exactly where to meet upon establishing phone contact with you.

Wait Time

  • Whether your flight is on time, or delayed, your chauffeur will be updated by online live flight tracking of the actual landing time.
  • There’s no wait time charge if your flight is delayed.
  • The wait time rate of $30/ hr. will be added to your trip price if you cannot meet the chauffeur within 30 minutes of your actual landing time.

No Show

  • If the chauffeur  is unable to make contact with you while waiting to pick you up, he’ll determine after a specified waiting time that you aren’t going to show up and leave the location.
  • This waiting time is 30 minutes for residences and businesses, and 60 minutes after you’ve landed at an airport.


  • It’s extremely rare that any customers miss a flight. However, there are unpredictable circumstances that have the potential to affect your trip, such as weather, traffic, road conditions, and vehicle mechanical issues.
  • Therefore,  your trip duration time, or arrival time, is not guaranteed.
  • Your payment will be fully refunded if the chauffeur is unable to bring you to your destination, or if you miss a flight due to Affordalux Transportation service.

Other Policies

  • The chauffeur reserves the right to refuse service to anyone when judged to be necessary.
  • No smoking or gross misconduct is allowed in the vehicle.
  • The customer is responsible to repair and/ or replace any part of the vehicle that is damaged by the customer.
  • The chauffeur is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal items.